Stones - Jon Fryer

(This is a summary of a creative prayer/worship gathering, during which participants were invited to hold a cobble stone throughout the evening as a meditative aid...)


Stones‘It must be hard being a stone, especially one used as paving in a busy street. All those people walking over you, dropping their junk on you. The chewing gum must be the worst. The way it sticks and hardens dirt black. And the cold. And no thanks from anyone. But then there are the peaceful times, I suppose when the rush stops. And sometimes the rain washes, and the sun warms, and sometimes there’s that nice man with the broom to scrape away the gum.

All in all it’s a mixed bag being a stone. Kinda like being human…’ (Simon Parke)

It feels like the ground beneath our feet is so solid, doesn’t it? Think about how the stone in your hand feels to you… I’m guessing lots of words come to mind, but to me the word solid pretty much sums it up. Think about stone. Think about the ground. Feel it under your feet, under your back, under your head. Think about the Earth…

Sometime I think God gave us the ground, not just so we would have something to stand on, but so that we would have a frame of reference to understand him. The solid earth underneath our feet is a picture of God. It’s a picture of how He is always there, always supporting us, even when we forget about Him – lets face it, how many times a day do think about the ground? How many times a day do you wonder if it is going to hold you up? …How often in a day do you remember God? How many times a day do you worry that He might stop thinking about you and you might disappear as if you were never there in the first place? The ground holds you up whether you remember or not. God holds you in existence, whether you remember or not. God holds you all the time, just as you are holding your stone. He is holding the stone too. Everything that exists exists because God is thinking about it. Even your stone. Even you.

The ground is safe. When you are up on a high mountainside, it’s not the ground that is scary, it’s the distance between you and the safe ground that is the problem… God is safe. When you consider how awesome our Creator God is, it’s not God that is scary, it’s the distance between us and Him that is the problem. We don’t need to have that problem. In the old days people were afraid to get close to God – they were worried that just by being close to them would kill them, because His fire would consume them. Think about the stone in your hand. Is it getting warm yet from being close to you? If we draw near to God we can be that close to Him, held in His hand, and yet nothing will happen to us other than our cold hearts might become warmed like your stone. Solid. Held. Safe in His arms.

NebulaePeople get the idea that God is like a great big mountain. Looming. Cold. Hard. Too big to cope with. Static. Unmoveable. Uncaring. But think bigger still. Think about the solid earth again. Think bigger still and that earth isn’t unmoving at all – it’s flying through space at millions of miles an hour, circling, circling, circling the sun. The Sun itself circles the centre of the galaxy. The galaxy itself flies outwards from the centre of the universe where God’s finger entered our space and set the Big Bang in motion like a cosmic firework. Everywhere is movement, action, life. The universe that God made He made in His own image – all life giving, all greening, all creativity, movement, life. It’s alive! Don’t ever think that God started it all off and then left us to it – He can be found everywhere in what he has made – you just have to remember where your little stone fits into the big picture, and you find a picture of what God is like. (Click on the picture to watch a silent movie of other nebulae...(13.7mb))

Or maybe that’s too big for you? Then think small. Think about your stone. Think smaller still, down to the molecules that make up your stone. Go smaller again, and you’re down into the atoms that make it up, the endless dance of the electrons in mini solar systems all of their own, round and around and around. God is there too, dancing, rejoicing, enjoying the endless motion. It’s all under his control. He knows your stone. He knows you. From the smallest subatomic particle to the largest nebula, God knows. God knows you, and you are loved.

You know the cool thing about electrons? The cool thing about electrons is that they are always being swapped between the atoms in this constant dance, backwards and forwards. Think about the stone in your hand. At this very moment millions of electrons are swapping between your body and the stone you are holding and back again. Those electrons themselves came from the earth, from the trees, from the air around you. Those in turn were swapped back and forth, back and forth all the way back to way back in time where they swapped with the atoms of the Sun and with the other stuff that gathered as the solar system formed. They in turn came from the stars themselves that God flung into space with His own hands. It’s all interconnected because God made it that way. You are not just dust, you are starstuff.

You know what’s even cooler? You have been touched by the hands of God, and not just at a distance at the beginning of time. When God created human beings he took some earth from the river, perhaps a stone like the one in your hands, and He warmed it in His hands, and he rolled it around, and He shaped it and moulded it, and in the end He breathed on it and it became a living being, Adam. The Bible tells us that that wasn’t a one off. When you were in your mothers womb God shaped you in just the same way. Personally. Individually. With His own hands. You have been touched by the hands of the creator, as close as you are to your stone at this moment. Closer still in fact, because you can only hold your stone, but God sees into your heart, your thoughts, your past, your future. He knows everything about you in a way that you will never even come close to knowing even something as simple as a piece of rock in your hands. And God says to you:

I Am your God.
I Am the God of your father and mother, and of their fathers and mothers, all the way back to the beginning. I Am your God.
I Am the God of this Earth, of its rocks and stones, its matter and substance. I Am your God.
I Am the God of Jesus Christ, who came from infinity to humanity. I Am the Lord of the Endless Dance. I Am your God.
I Am the God of this place, these bricks and stones. I Am your God.
This is a holy and blessed place because I Am here.
I will bless you and protect you. I will never leave you. Each space that you live in, I will live in. And I will bless you.
Listen to the words that I say to you now…

In the quiet, take your pen and write or draw something on your stone that represents to you how you feel about the God who created you. Don’t take up all the space ‘cos we’re going to continue to decorate our stones as the evening draws on. Don’t think too hard either - just write or draw the first thing that comes into your head about what we’ve just been thinking about – just a word, or a doodle, it doesn’t matter, but do it as a silent act of worship between you and God.



Solid Rock...Throughout history, whenever man has considered our glorious creator God, he has had the urge to stick stones on top of each other. Whenever the Old Testament guys met God they grabbed a bunch of twelve stones and piled them up into a heap to make an altar, a place to worship God. As people got more sophisticated they began to build temples and churches and soaring great cathedrals to worship the creator, but it’s all the same impulse, a desire to say to God come and meet me here with my stones. And I think God likes that. He talks about Jesus being the foundation stone, the solid rock on which we build our worship. He talks about Jesus being the capstone, the keystone, the rock in the top of the arch that holds it all together. And he talks about Jesus being the ‘stone of inheritance’, the one to whom it all goes to, and the one to whom it all flows from. God likes stones piled on top of each other, because God likes to be recognised as the author of the universe, who created masterpieces like the stone you hold in your hand, and like the person holding it!

When Jesus entered Jerusalem the crowds gathered and began to sing to him, because they recognised that God had sent them a Saviour, a Messiah. The priests were angry and told Jesus to tell the crowds to be silent, but he answered them and told them that God deserves to be worshipped, and that even if the crowds were silent, the very rocks and stones in the street would cry out to God.

God deserves to be worshipped. We have piled stone upon stone to build this place, to the glory of God. God deserves to be worshipped. We have built an altar out of simple things so that we have a place to come to God. God deserves to be worshipped. We have come together as the living stones of the church to worship God tonight. We have not come just to think deep thoughts. We have not come just to feel some emotions. We have not come only to enjoy ourselves or to see our friends. If these are the only reason we have come then the stones in our hands will continue to sing their song of worship to Jesus who created them, and we will be ashamed, because a piece of mud understands more about the universe than we do. Turn your thoughts towards God. Turn your thoughts towards Jesus. Turn your heart to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to breathe on you, that you might live a life of worship.

Solid Rock

There’s a rock that doesn’t move,
It hasn’t moved, it will never move,
Even though the waves come crashing down.
There’s a tower on a hill, its always strong,
It will never shake,
It was standing there before the world began.
There’s a wave that’s coming in,
Washing over this town, it will make or break us, reinvent us,
It’s time to lay me down.

On Christ the solid rock we will stand,
All other ground is sinking sand.
On Christ the solid rock we will stand,
We’ll climb on your back, take us to higher ground.

There’s a song that doesn’t fade,
It never fades it was custom made,
To raise the sons and daughters of this earth.
There’s a sound that’s coming in,
Rushing over this town, it will make or break us, reinvent us; it’s time to lay me down.

My hope is built on nothing less,
Than Jesus blood and righteousness.
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus name.

When darkness seems to veil his face,
I rest on his unchanging grace.
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.

His oath, his covenant and blood,
Support me in the ‘whelming flood.
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay.

When the last trumpets voice shall sound,
O then I may in him be found,
Clothed in his righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before his throne.
(Delirious? © 2005)


40But what if the stones are just that? What happens when God seems far off, and the rocks are hard and cold? There is a name for a place that is full of stones, with nothing to eat or drink, just endless dust, and that word is ‘desert’. What happens when we are hungry and there is nothing but stones? What happens when we find ourselves trapped in a dry and barren land with no help, and the hunger inside us twists and snarls like a cornered wolf? Where is God then?

Even when we find ourselves in the desert, even then we find God has been there before us. When Jesus turned thirty years old the Holy Spirit took him into the desert, where he had nothing to eat for forty days. The Bible says that at the end of this time he was hungry. Well, duh?! The Bible throws away forty days of fasting in a single sentence, but forty days with no food and little water, in the desert heat and icy nights, is a gruelling experience. The Bible tells us that at the time when Jesus was most hungry, then the devil came to him and tempted him saying ‘If you are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread’. He was using Jesus’ physical weakness to cause him to doubt that His Father in heaven would look after him - click on the image to watch the video (10.2mb). (Artwork courtesy of Si Smith, previously at mayBe, now at Revive).

For some of us, even the church that is supposed to feed us spiritually feels like a desert. Sometimes it feels like we come to church wanting bread to feed us, and all we get are hard stones. Then, when we are at our weakest, then is when the devil comes to us and says ‘you know, these stones can be bread for you. You can fix things. Stop trusting God – He won’t help you. What you need is to take things into your own hands…’ and when we listen to his lies, that’s when we start looking to sex, to drink, to drugs, to music, to all sorts of other things to fill the gap in our lives… and we think we are being filled with bread. What would you do if I told you to lick your stone? Lots of you I suspect would refuse, and quite rightly, because there is nothing beneficial to be had in sucking on a stone… and yet, that is what so many of us do. All of these other things that seem to fill us for a while ultimately leave us hungry, because they are not bread – it’s a lie. When you turn from God and try to get filled elsewhere all you are doing is sucking on dry stones.

So what can we do? How do we cope when even the church of God does not seem to help? Where do we go when we are lost in a desert place and we can’t see the way out?


A desert planet....

Once we stood by the clear waters, knowing who we were, who the church was and where we were going.... we’re in the desert....
...uncharted territory.
...severe and bleak.
...the rules are different.
The old ways don’t work. is a lonely place,
and dangerous.
There are snakes and scorpions.
Alien creatures.
we have been stripped of our illusions
and we are in the desert.
for God to speak.

Turn these stones into bread.
the instant solution.
the quick fix. If we just...if we just...
change the worship, change our prayers, shoot the preacher.
Then everything will be lovely.
Won’t it?

The tempter said. Go on. Turn these stones into bread
mmm, bread. like the bread used to be, in the old days...
It was so good then. I can almost smell it...
A quick-fix and I’ll feel good again.

But it is written. You can’t live by bread alone.
We need more than that. In this desert planet.

We need every word that comes from the mouth of God.
Living God, we need you here, to tell us what to do.
Feed us with your words, we are hungry!
Show us the next step. How to be your church in this
undiscovered world.
As we sit in the sand and try to hear you.

And the tempter said. Look. Here are all the kingdoms of the world. I’ll give you all of this. If you just worship me.
Yes. Maybe that would be easier.
Maybe we should give up. And join the others.
Worship at Ikea, religiously.
Or Kylie, or Microsoft, or Visa,
I believe in the Holy Catalogue Church.

You can have it all. Worship me.
Everything we’ve ever wanted.
At a price. But that price would be too high.

Because Jesus said…Worship the Lord your God, and serve only Him.
Who else can we turn to.
You’re the one who gives us life.
And though we may we walking in the wilderness on broken stones
You are here with us.
Let us glimpse a burning bush somewhere on the way.
This is a lonely planet.

The Tempter said: He will command his angels. They’ll protect you. You needn’t even stub your toes on the rocks.
The world is hurting around us. Do we need to help? Nah.
Someone else will fix it. We’ll leave it up to them.
An evangelist with a funny name, like J John or Mike P, or even the guys at St Mary’s next-door.
This desert is too difficult. So maybe I’ll just sleep.

Jesus answered the tempter. Do not put the Lord your God to the test.
Jesus Help us.
Its hard to find the energy. When the rocks push against us.
When we stumble in the wilderness. When we can’t see the way.
When the old signposts have disappeared
And all we have are barren stones.
But we know...
We can’t do a quick-fix
We can’t give up
We can’t leave it to someone else.
(Adapted from 'A Desert Planet' by Sue Wallace)

When Jesus was at his weakest the Devil came to Him with a quick fix: turn the stones into bread. But it was a lie, because there are no quick fixes, not for Jesus, not for the world, not for Legacy, not for you sitting there with your stone in your hand. Because stones are not bread, no matter how much you want them to be. But did you see there at the end? When Jesus could go no further in his own strength, but still trusted God to provide for him, it was then that the angels came and supported him.

Then Jesus, filled with the power of the Spirit returned.
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.
Because he has anointed me.
To bring good news to the poor and the hungry.

Good news came from out of the stony desert.
There is good news.
God has brought us here tonight to hear it.
And God will lead us the Promised Land.

Jesus said: Which of you, if his son asks for bread will give him a stone instead? If even you know how to give good stuff to your children when they ask, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him? Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will open to you. For everyone who asks, receives. (Matt 7;7-11).

We’re always looking for love in all the wrong places, seeking for stones that are not bread, trying to find our own quick solutions to our problems. Take your pen and decorate your stone again. Draw or write to God something that represents your needs at the moment… And if you do tend to search for your own solutions rather than waiting for God to provide for you, then draw or write that too – make your doodles or words a prayer of confession and a prayer of need… because God keeps his promises, and if we ask, then the hard and barren places in our lives really will become fruitful, if only we will wait for Him to answer.


Throwing Stones

Junk LadyHow are those stones? Are they getting heavy yet? Isn’t it awkward, always having something in your hand? How’s that working out for you? No-one would choose to go through life with a stone permanently in one hand – it would just get in the way of all sorts of things. And yet, isn’t it funny how some of us do exactly that? Isn’t it odd that some of us seem to be unable to say anything about someone else without (metaphorically) throwing stones at them? Isn’t it weird that some of us choose to be so critical, so judgemental, that we can not open our mouths without attacking someone else… and isn’t that just as crippling as having a hand that is always busy holding a stone? Do you always want to throw stones? Isn’t it time to put that down and get the use of that hand back? Do you always hurt others when you open your mouth? Isn’t it time to have words that can build up as well as tear down?

No one would choose to go through life with a stone permanently welded to their hand. And yet, isn’t it strange that some of us go through life refusing to put down the things that other people have said about us or to us? They say that mud sticks – some of us get more and more bogged down the more that people throw at us. Isn’t it odd that we choose to go our way carrying an ever larger, ever heavier load of stuff with us? Why can’t we forgive and let go? Why don’t we? What’s that about? I know that there are always people trying to put stuff on me, people with accusations that want to add to the burden I carry around – why would I choose to carry a heavy stone around with me for the rest of my life?

The things that people say to us, say about us, accuse us of, tell us we should be like – they’re all junk. It’s crippling to us. It’s like carrying around stones. Isn’t it time to lay all that stuff down?

You see, Jesus doesn’t want you to have to carry all that stuff – when he carried the cross up that hill all those years ago, he carried everything for you. And he won’t let anyone else throw stones at you. The priests came to him one day and threw a woman at his feet saying that she had been caught sleeping around, and they all came with stones ready to throw at her, as their law demanded. But Jesus put himself in the way, and told them that only the one who had never done anything wrong should throw the stones at her… and they all went away ashamed. She was expecting condemnation, accusation, stones. But the master sent the howling crowds away with a few words, and he picked her up, and told her that she was loved and that she didn’t need to live like that anymore.

Its time to take your pen for the last time tonight and to draw on your stone again. Draw or write about the stuff that you carry around with you that you don’t want to carry any more. And if you are someone who throws stones at others and wants to stop, then give that to God too, by drawing or writing it on your stone.


Lay it Down

RoseBy now, the stone you have been carrying should be covered in stuff that represents your life. We have drawn or written our worship to God, our confessions, our needs, and our burdens. Let me tell you how precious those stones are to Jesus. You may not think that your life amounts to much. You may think my life is as worthless as a stone picked up by the roadside, one unnoticed amongst billions of others. Why should anyone care? But God knows each and every stone individually. And Jesus knows you. You may think that there is no hope for you, that your life is such a mess that nothing can be done to help… and yet Jesus went into the desert for you, and came back with bread, with life giving news that there is nothing that has been broken that he cannot put right. You may think that your life is worthless, that the junk that you have poured your heart into and written on your stone is of no value to anyone – and yet Jesus values it so highly that he died to possess it. You may say that my life is crap – but Jesus wants it, and will pay good money for even the stuff that no one else would ever want. You may deserve stones, but Jesus brings you flowers instead. When someone else drags you into the courtroom of heaven to accuse you, you find that Jesus is already there in your place. (Click on the picture to watch our backing movie, 18.4mb).

Let me tell you what we are going to do next. It’s time that we gave these stones to Jesus. Its time that we laid down our burdens, and that is what we have represented here. It’s time that we stopped throwing stones, and that is what we have represented here. Jesus wants every part of our lives, both good and bad, and that is what we have represented here. Consider your decorated stone and all the things that it represents, and I want you to offer all those things to God in your heart. I want you to consider how valuable you are to Jesus – so valuable that he died in horrific agony just to get to know you. After a while, start to come up to the cross, and lay down your stone in a pile at the feet of Jesus – this is our altar of worship to him, made up of our whole lives, all piled up together. And as you come back down I want the girls to take a rose off of the table – when was the last time Jesus bought you flowers? Take it as a symbol of the fact that we don’t get what we deserve, that we get love instead of thrown stones, and of the fact that Jesus loves us more than we can ever know. And as the guys come down, take one coin off of the table – when was the last time some gave you good money for nothing? Take it a symbol that Jesus wants every part of your life, even the stuff that you think nobody else will want – Jesus wants every part of you, and will even pay gold for the crap that no one else could do anything with – even for a worthless stone. Take the coin, spend it later if you want to – hey Jesus bought you a coke! – but if you think it will help, keep it in your Bible or somewhere as a reminder of how much God will pay for you. So, pray first, then lay down your stone at the cross, and then take a rose or a coin from the table, and go quietly back to your place.



Listen to this:

Jesus went to the Mount of Olives, and then early in the morning he came again to the temple. All the people came to him and he sat them down and began to teach them. The priests brought a woman who had been caught in adultery; and making her stand before all of them they said to him ‘Teacher, this woman was caught in the very act of adultery. Now in the law Moses commanded us to stone such a woman. What do you say?’ Jesus ignored them, and bent down and wrote in with his finger in the dust on the ground. When they kept on questioning him he stood up and said to them ‘Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her’. And once again he bent down and started to write in the dust of the ground. When they heard his words they went away one by one, starting with the eldest, and Jesus was left alone with the woman. He said to her ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?’ She said ‘No-one, sir’. And Jesus said ‘Then neither do I. Go your way in peace, and sin no more’. (John 8;1-11)

Jesus asks ‘Who condemns you?’ We have fallen into the temptations laid before us, some of them old and painfully familiar, but we come to this table in trust that God keeps his promises to forgive those who turn back to him.
Jesus asks ‘Who condemns you?’ We have not given time to prayer and to the Word of God – busyness snatches away the moments when God could have fed us, but we come to this table in trust that we are his children, and he delights to give us good gifts.

Jesus asks ‘Who condemns you?’ We have become disheartened by our lack of growth and by our inability to change, but we come to this table in trust that God believes in us, and He is patient, believing in our potential.

Jesus asks ‘Who condemns you?’ We have sought to find our own quick fixes, believing that we can do things on our own. We have squandered the gifts that God has given us, but we come to this table in trust that God is waiting for our return, that God has called us, and that God longs to embrace us in His arms.

Jesus asks ‘Who condemns you?’ These are words that were spoken centuries ago to a woman brought low in shame and humiliation. ‘Who condemns you?’ These are words spoken to us today. We come to this table daring to believe in a God who does not seek to condemn us, but instead sent His Son to save us. We come to this table believing in a God who does not throw stones, but instead reaches out to us to raise us to our feet with peace, reconciliation, healing.


Calvary‘Turn these stones into bread’ came the challenge. We praise and thank you Lord Jesus that as your body was broken on the cross you turned the stones that were meant for us into bread to feed us. Bread instead of stones.

As Jesus hung on the Cross, the forces of darkness rejoiced... 'But what the Witch didn’t know is that there is a deeper magic, that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery poured out his blood in a traitors stead, then the Stone Table would crack, and Death itself would start working backwards…' Life instead of death.

We were bound by guilt and shame, and God has delivered us from our slavery.
When we stood accused by others and ourselves Jesus noticed us and listened to the accusations and then asked who could condemn us - and so we go out from this place no longer accusing ourselves for sins that have been forgiven, nor condemning others for the sins that God has forgiven them.

We were weighed down by our sin and afraid to begin again in case we made the same mistakes, and Jesus reached down and raised us to our feet – and so we go out from this place sure of his confidence in us to live as he would have us live, people who are free to choose that which is good, bread instead of stones.

We have seen the love and power of God who triumphs over the powers of sin and death, and so we leave behind at the cross the things of the past and look to the future with confidence. We leave behind our burdens with Him who has already carried them all without flinching. And we go in our way in peace with each other and with God.


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