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St George's Church Benfleet
Legacy is the Youth Congregation of St George's Church. St George's is situated in Benfleet, Essex, just 1 mile from the Legacy XS centre where the youth congregation meet.

Bar 'n' Bus
Bar ‘n’ Bus exists to support and equip churches in their outreach to young people in South East Essex. Through the use of Double Decker buses, they are able to provide relevant up-to-date resources, experience and expertise to enable churches and individuals to reach out to young people in and around their local communities. They aim to achieve this by forming partnerships with local churches.

Canvey Youth Project
The Canvey Island Youth Project
Canvey Youth Project has been working with young people since before 1992. Their services include Counselling, Drugs and Alcohol Advice and Information, Befriending, Homeless Support, Outreach and a Drop-in open 6 days a week.

24-7Prayer exists to transform the world through a movement of Christ-centred and mission-minded prayer.

Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor grew out of an Anglican church, St Andrew’s Chorleywood, that was equipping Christians to move in the power of the Holy Spirit through the ‘New Wine’ family conferences. It was clear from the growth in the youth work at New Wine that something separate was needed for young people so in 1993 Soul Survivor launched its first annual conference in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. This first event hosted just under 2,000 people and the number of delegates has grown every year since to an astonishing 22,789 in 2005.

New Wine
New Wine
Their vision is to see the nation changed through Christians and churches being filled with the Spirit, alive with the joy of knowing and worshipping Jesus Christ, living out his Word, and doing the works of the Kingdom of God.

The Legacy Trust Benfleet
The Legacy Trust Benfleet can be found in the DIVIDE charities finder




Soul Searching
From time to time, life can suddenly seem strangely pointless, if not painfully absurd. Occasionally a need for deeper answers becomes more than a simple curiosity. We can either shrug those moments off, or let them eat at us. The search is for those of you who are soul-searching: asking the serious questions about who you are and what’s life about?

Emerging Church
Emerging Church
Since their launch in 2003 has grown to include over 100 unique stories and reflections with more added every month. This then is a constantly evolving collection of recommended stories and reflections for if you're wanting to get a quick picture of what the emerging church is all about. Emerging Church ran a story on Legacy here

Canvey Youth 
The magazine of Christian unrest. A humorous look at the church, including the infamous Mystery Worshipper and the chance to buy some of the more 'interesting' presents in Gadgets for God.

The Ooze
The desire of TheOOZE is to create environments where church leaders (traditional teachers/theologians as well as emerging storytellers/artists) can converse about and collaborate on resources and experiences for the broader faith community. This is done by providing places for people to gather and communicate both online and offline about how to be the story of Christ to our emerging culture.

Two thousand years after he walked the earth, Jesus of Nazareth remains one of those most talked-about and influential people who has ever lived. In their pages, we explore his life, character, teachings and followers. We look at how he has been quoted and misquoted, filmed and written about, worshipped and argued over.

Fresh Expressions
Fresh Expressions
Fresh expressions of church are new and different ways of being church in a changing culture. Fresh expressions of church begin where people are and make church and community there. Fresh Expressions have run a story on Legacy and Legacy XS here

Porpoise Divine Life
The Porpoise Divine Life

Reality for the Rest Of Us or Picking up Where the Purpose-Driven Peters Out. Life would be terribly boring if your everyday experience was truly predetermined by your Creator at birth. Why even get up in the morning? I guess we have choices that impact what actually happens in our lives. I’ll never die skydiving. Why? Because I am neither brave nor dumb enough to jump out of an airplane with a nylon sheet strapped to my back that was put together by some guy I’ve never met named Charlie. It just ain’t gonna happen. If your life is like mine, choices make a difference in what happens in life. I’ve made some poor ones, some good ones, some that I regret, some I wish I could forget and countless others I can’t recall. Predetermined by God…fat chance.

Next Wave
Next Wave
Next-Wave wants to explore new ways, discuss them, study them. Next-Wave is a place where any person, pastor, planter or leader can contribute. Discuss your strategy, raise your questions, list your objectives, explain your experiments, and share your stories with us!

trax16 is the new monthly podcast for young Christians from the Church Mission Society. It's the authentic voice of today’s young Christians: committed to mission locally and globally, growing as disciples, exploring new ways of being church. trax16 invites you to be part of this online community and challenges you to live out God’s mission for your life.

This site exists primarily as a portal to content elsewhere rather than as a comprehensive content provider in itself. However, the theory and practice sections contain content unique to this site for those who wish to know more before they explore further.

Boys Under 
Boys Under Attack
This site is the result of feedback from boys having trouble coming to terms with their emerging sexuality. You'll find straight talk from a God perspective on tough life issues! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Freedom Skateboards
Freedom Skateboards is a Christian Skateboard company that exists to spread the Love and Good News of Jesus Christ. This is done by being a positive role model to skaters, by meeting the needs of hurting people, and by teaming up with churches and other organizations to reach the skateboarding and youth culture. Freedom's vision is to assist individuals in finding freedom through Jesus Christ.

Breathe is... A space to think about how we handle money, time and possessions in a Christian way Non-judgemental, realistic and simple to be part of.

We want to
APPRECIATE life more fully
REFUSE the consumer dream
CONNECT with others, and
CHOOSE a more generous lifestyle

Breathe is Christian network for simpler living. It represents orthodox Christians of all kinds.