The House 2009/2010

The Legacy House


On the whole it is true to say that The House has been one of the most important developments in
the life of Legacy since the opening of Legacy XS. There have certainly been challenges along the
way but overcoming these has been part of the journey. These challenges aside, The House has
proved to be a fantastic resource for evangelism and has also provided a haven for needy young
people for both short and longer terms. As a centre for prayer and study of scripture it has proved
invaluable and both residents and visitors have made extensive use of the chapel which forms the
heart of the community.

A mixed house

One aspect of the House which had proved to be problematic was the fact that it had been an
exclusively all male environment. The restrictions we placed on the boys in relation to having girls
in the house only when at least one other person is present has, in some circumstances, given the
impression that, yet again, Legacy has a focus on the needs of males at the expense of females.
The solution to this is the inclusion this year of two new house members, Anna Moorhouse and Kim
Palin. The Legacy House is now a mixed gender house! Applications from individuals who wish to
join the community are now taken on a rolling basis so you should feel free to apply for a place in
the house at any time. Application forms are available on the website.

A larger property

We have now acquired the use of a new property which is a large four bedroom house (29
Glebelands) which is large enough to accommodate an expanded team (see below) as well as
having a “spare” room for guests which also doubles as the house study. The garage is to be kset
up with gym equipment as another activity for house members and visitors and the lean-to on the
side of the house will be converted to use as a hermitage where individuals can spend silent
weekends or longer periods of time alone in prayer, meditation and study. A large sitting room
provides plenty of space to relax and a good sized chapel once again forms the centrepiece of the

As with last year’s successful pilot The House is an open community who are always happy to
welcome and offer hospitality to visitors. If you wish to call in you will be very welcome - the
community look forward to seeing you. The current house community consists of:

Anna-Marie Moorhouse
Matt Rose
Ilyos Temirov
Ivan Rabbit
& coming soon... Nathan (USA) Richards