Where possible pray in twos and try to make sure you keep your eyes open ready to catch if the person should 'fall' and to watch what the Spirit is doing. Some people are afraid of falling. Reassure them or get them to sit or lie down. Two people can find mutual support, particularly if one of you goes blank, and wherever possible, especially where single and/or young people are concerned, pray lads with lads and girls with girls. You may pray with a member of the opposite sex but only if there is also a member of the same sex praying with you. If personal stuff that is very gender specific starts to come out then move away immediately to maintain the person’s privacy and dignity.

If you get words of knowledge or prophecy be sure someone is there with you, and that you’re sensitive. Try to pray it in. Prophecy is to build up, lift up and cheer up. Keep away from specific direction and in particular with regard to dates, mates and money. If you feel you have a very directive word, share it through one of the leaders.

If a person requires counselling then you are not there to offer counselling, but to pray for them. In this case refer them to the pastoral care team or to someone who is pastorally responsible for them. If they have come alone and are not part of a church, then take their details for a leader to follow up another time. Either way please let the ministry co-ordinator(s) know if a person wants/might need counselling, so we can keep a track of things.

Take care with personal hygiene – although that curry was nice, and your dancing has made you sweat, ensure your breath is fresh and your armpits are kind to the air – mints and deodorant can help put off those nasty smells for a few minutes while you’re praying, which is important! Lads, no matter how warm it is in the venue keep your shirt on when praying for people.

Help! If you feel out of your depth, and we all do at times, remember there are others around to help. Seek out a more experienced person or one of the ministry co-ordinator(s).


Don't invade anyone's personal space by pressurising them verbally or physically. Always ask permission before praying, introduce yourself, and ask permission before laying on hands. Be careful where you place your hands! (on the upper-arm / shoulder a safe place) - definitely no stroking or pushing. Pushing is very offensive and can cause people to grow resistant to a real manifestation. If you sense a strong anointing, take your hand off the person and let the Holy Spirit have His way. Show respect. If you sense distress in someone you are praying for, then give them the opportunity to withdraw or for someone they know and feel secure with to pray for them.

Indeed, it is important that the person is comfortable being prayed for. Be aware of what’s going on around, and your body language. If you’re being touched by God and are roaring or shaking, this may be intimidating and they may not understand what’s going on. If you are having a strong manifestation of the Spirit yourself then it is best to move away and enjoy God!

When praying it is important that we watch and remain sensitive to how the Spirit is moving. Remember, we are not looking for manifestations as proof that He is at work. Encourage people to focus on God and ask the Holy Spirit to come. Don't rush and feel the need to pray all the time. Some people need time to 'soak', particularly if they are feeling uncertain. Bless what you see the Spirit doing.

If you become aware of someone watching nervously on the sidelines do speak to them and ask if they are ok. Explain that sometimes odd things happen when people are meeting with God but that they are perfectly safe. Ask if they have any questions and offer to pray for them ensuring they know it’s ok to say “no thank you”.

Encourage people at all times. They need to know that they are the most important one for that moment. Never make a person feel that they are resisting or unable to receive because they are not openly manifesting. Speak words of encouragement and love.

When people fall stay with them and keep on praying. Encourage them to remain 'resting in the Spirit'. We tend to get up far too soon. People can be vulnerable on the floor and so it is important to guard them from 'knocks' or others who fall down. Maintain people’s dignity by covering them with a garment, if more is being revealed than desired! If you want to move on it will help if you ask their friend, or someone you can trust, to stay with them. Return to encourage them from time to time.

Learn to discern between emotional and demonic manifestations. If someone is displaying particularly strong physical manifestations (eg shouting, groaning, violent shaking etc) do not be afraid to speak to them and ask them what is happening. If someone needs deliverance, then get help immediately – get others to pray with you, and their youth leader if they’ve come with one. Pay attention to the environment and seek to engage the person by talking to them. Get the person to identify the issue and then make them accountable by saying 'yes' to Jesus and 'nod’ to the issue. Once a person is set free then establish right thinking and right responses and refer them to their youth leader. Don't minister alone and involve their youth leader where possible.




Jesus spoke of people being “born again” (Jn 3:3) which is where people are re-created by the Spirit when they accept the forgiveness offered to them in Jesus, turning away from their old lives and starting afresh as a new creation with God in control of their life through the in-dwelling of His Spirit.

Ask the person why they have responded. You need to help them identify what they are turning from and who they are turning to. If they have come with a friend, involve them throughout the process.

There’s different ways of remembering the process, one way is to get the person to admit they are a sinner (explain that sin anything that breaks our relationship with God ie thoughts, words, actions), express their belief that Jesus is God’s son who died to pay the debt they owe and restore their relationship with his Father, confess (claim) Jesus as their Lord (ask Jesus to take control of their heart) - see our Becoming a Christian page too!

You May Want To...

Pray through with them the areas that they are turning from - take your time. Sensitively, ask them to be specific about sin.

Thank Jesus for dying on the cross to save them from their sins, so they may come to know God. Pray for a sense of forgiveness and cleansing as they put their faith in Jesus.

Ask for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Explain that only with God's help can they live as Christians and remain free from the things you have just prayed through. Be expectant, and take your time: don't hurry the work of God's Spirit in each person's life.

The person may want you to lead them in their prayer, especially if this is the first time they have ever prayed, “[name] do you admit that you have done stuff…..”etc. If you do this ask them to pray after you have led them in whatever words they want to use to say thank you to God and tell him how they feel so that they own the prayer for themselves. Remember, Amen means “I agree”.

If the person has not come with anyone, and is not already part of a church, invite them to join a cell group, and to attend Legacy. Take full responsibility for them yourself, - take their details, and make sure you give this to the Pastoral care team. Everyone making a commitment needs to be followed up. A leader will contact them the following week, and get them into a cell group. At all times show honour and respect for other churches and their leadership.