Meet the Team!


PetePete is possibly the coolest Church of England Minister you will ever meet (though his sons wouldn't agree and, come to think of it neither would most of the young people he works with!)  He is one of the founders of Legacy and is responsible for overseeing our work across the area.  He used to have a proper job in the City but now he just has lots of fun hanging out with young people so he can look cool.  His favourite film is Raider's of the Lost Ark from which his motto "I'm making this up as I go!" is taken.  This motto would seem to encapsulate his philosophy for life!


MattMatt is the student minister, currently at Spurgeons studying for his BD. Matt rides BMX and loves getting alongside fellow riders as much as he can. He's the head of all the cell groups and runs the BMX/Skate cell.


AnnaWell my name is Anna, I co-ordinate & run skin deep & all our projects reaching out to girls. I also co-ordinate all that goes on in the arts suite and I co-lead Skate & BMX cell.

I am originally from Burton on Trent in the midlands, I started with Legacy in June 2008. I have a BA Hons Degree in Youth Work & ministry with a JNC.


IlyosI grew up in Central Asia. from my young age I dreamt to learn english language. but then I had to leave the school because of the lack of finance at home. I was forced to work as a 12 year old kid. When I reached aged 16 i went to back to school program run by organization Helping Hand working with a street kids. after a year I went to a camp where I saw street kids doing break dancing and I really wanted to learn backflip. We left camp and then the street kids have organized break dancing worshops with Helping Hand organization. Thats where I learn a couple of moves - and I loved it. In the beginning it was a hobby. just for fun, but then i realized that it was something bigger. Then as I was learning English i wanted to travel and visit countries where i could improve my language. I never dreamt to come to England but i thank God that His planned could accomplished in my life and I have everything I dreamt about. Now I use Break Dancing to help young guys to build up their confidence and self-belief - also to show that break dancing isnt evil but its a gift from God, 'cos he loves good break dancers.


IvanIvan is a breakdancer and currently runs the dance sessions with Ilyos. More information about him will appear here soon.


DanYo I'm Dan, I'm the new outreach worker across Benfleet, Rayleigh and Canvey. I am originally from Suffolk and moved to Essex 18 months ago. I am now married and living in Benfleet with my beautiful wife Jeni.

I have a real passion for football playing, coaching and watching. I also love all things technical! I can get very excited and lighting, sound, and video stuff and can chat for hours about DMX, XLR's, LED's, MOV, GIF , JPEG, HGV, PSU, SLR, XVD, WWJD......

I run football sessions all over and Jnr legacy in Benfleet and Rayleigh as well as helping you guys to produce your own videos!