About The Legacy Youth Congregation

At the heart of our vision is the sense that God has called us to be a community committed to each other and centred around the cross of Jesus as understood through the scriptures he has given to us.  We are a pilgrim people who travel together not just for convenience sake but out of a deep love for and commitment to one another flowing out of their commitment to Jesus.

Looking outwards
One of the most important things about our journey is that we seek to take as many with us as possible, irrespective of culture, gender or any other distinction.  Our aim is to arrive at the destination with as many as we have been able to pick up along the way and introduce to our friend and guide, Jesus.

Intimacy with God
Through the operation of the gifts of the Spirit and through creative forms of prayer we will seek intimacy and oneness with God.  Our intention is to travel his journey, not our own, and seek the destination towards which He is calling us.

Worship of God
At the heart of our community is the cross of Jesus.  We worship him together as Lord and Saviour, filled with his Holy Spirit and led to the throne of our Father as returning prodigals – forgiven and deeply loved.  We recognise our weakness and worship Him, Father, Son and Spirit, as best we can with all the resources he pours out upon us to make this possible.

Creative cultural engagement
We will seek to engage with youth and wider culture in order to make it as easy as possible for people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures to belong to our pilgrim people.  We will invite the Spirit to challenge, inspire and equip us so that a variety of gifts and talents can be released in service of this vision.

Building up one another
Our journey together will require many gifts and talents to be demonstrated among us.  To this end we will aim to be people who nurture those whom God raises up releasing them to use and develop their gifts.  This will include leadership, preaching, teaching, prophetic ministry, healing and other scriptural gifts.  It will also involve us taking risks and trusting one another.  We will be built up through exploring the scriptures together as they are opened up to us by the Holy Spirit.

What does this mean?
All this means that when people encounter any aspect of the community they will find;

  • A humble, pilgrim people learning to trust one another.
  • A community living their journey as an act of worship
  • A people engaging prayerfully in their study of scripture and growth in the Spirit
  • An outward looking people concerned with the needs of their wider community and working for justice
  • A community seeking to engage with their culture, confident and unafraid
  • A community which looks to expand its impact through planting of new works and support of others on the same journey.